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Participate in Research

The work of the centre could not be carried out without the invaluable support of members of the public that volunteer to participate in our research. Below are current research studies seeking volunteers.

  • The EXPRESS Study - EXercise and PRotein Effectiveness Supplementation Study

    We are looking for older volunteers to participate in a study examining the effects of exercise in combination with protein intake on physical function in older people living in the community.

    Participants exercisingFrailty is a geriatric syndrome of increased vulnerability, characterised by decreased ability to resist and recover from stressors, as well as loss of muscle mass and strength. It is linked with higher risks of falls, disability, hospital stays, and mortality. Exercise has proven to be beneficial in the treatment of frailty and has a positive effect on physical function and quality of life. It is suggested that exercise in combination with an increased protein intake may be even more effective than exercise alone for improving physical function in older people.

    A pilot study is currently conducted at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and the Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing (CPAA Hampstead) including community-dwelling older people aged 65 years and older who are frail or at-risk of frailty.

    You are eligible to volunteer in this study if you are:

    • Aged 65 years or older
    • Living at home (or in an independent living unit)
    • Willing to participate in an exercise program including one centre based exercise session and at least 2 strength home based exercise sessions per week
    • Willing to consume 1 sachet of protein supplement in a glass of water (150 ml) twice per day
    • Available for a study period: 6 months

    For full details please download the recruitment document.

    To be considered for the study please contact: Ms Brooke Wymond.

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