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Research Programs

The Centre for Research Excellence in Frailty and Healthy Ageing has many programs of research across a number of disciplines.

Frailty and Sarcopenia BurdenAs a result of this research policy makers as well as clinicians will have available to them information about the health burden related to frailty and sarcopenia.

Frailty Burden

Medication and FrailtyMedications may be a modifiable risk factor for frailty and this research will help us better understand this risk.

Medicine and Frailty

Geography of FrailtyAs a result of the research policy makers, service providers and clinicians will better understand how the frailly burden is distributed and therefore better match services to needs.

Geography of Frailty

Health Economics of FrailtyTo improve access to cost-effective and quality health and aged care service, this research will help deliver on a 'novel' open access health economics model ensuring that funding decisions no longer disadvantage the frail.

Health Economics of Frailty

Screening for FrailtyThis research aims to not only deliver on a translatable general practice based screening pathway but also develop a screening strategy for residential aged care.

Screening for Frailty

Interventions to Treat and Prevent FrailtyThrough our research, we will develop and test novel interventions to prevent and improve frailty.

Interventions to Treat and Prevent Frailty

Knowledge Translation to Practice and PolicyOur investigators are world leaders in knowledge translation and their research will help us ensure that the efforts of our centre will be meaningful to the end users including consumers, service providers, clinicians and policy makers.

Knowledge Translation to Practice and Policy

Fracture and FrailtyFragility fractures commonly impact frail older people. It is not uncommon to notice the fracture cascade impacting some beginning with minor fractures (e.g. wrist) and culminating in a hip fracture. We will undertake research to identify new service models to improve post-operative fracture care.

Fracture and Frailty

Participate in ResearchOur research relies upon help from members of the public who volunteer to participate in our studies. If you are interesting in volunteering to help us further our research please check this page for studies that are currently recruiting.

Researcher and participant

Student OpportunitiesThere are opportunities for students to undertake higher degrees within our research teams. If you are interested in undertaking higher degree research studies with us please check this page for current opportunities.

Researcher and participant
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