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Medicine | Surgery

A career in medicine will inspire and challenge you, providing the opportunity to improve people’s wellbeing - and alleviate pain and suffering - all over the world.

Whatever medical path you’re drawn to, studying medicine and surgery at Adelaide Medical School will equip you to take it with the utmost skill and confidence. Our emphasis on practical, hands-on experience—in both real world clinical practice and advanced simulations—will ensure you’re ready to enhance lives from the day you graduate. Here you will:

  • learn from academics and titleholders, both clinical and non-clinical, who are medical professionals from a wide range of specialist areas
  • develop precise clinical skills in our state-of-the-art facility, Adelaide Health Simulation
  • undertake hands-on clinical placements within the community
Studying the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery here has been an immensely enjoyable experience owing to an extremely supportive community of staff and students.
Luke Vater, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Gain hands-on experience

You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in medicine in a simulated environment and with real patients through clinical placements.

Adelaide Health Simulation

Our state-of-the-art facility, Adelaide Health Simulation, provides an effective learning environment. It uses advanced technology to simulate medical and surgical emergencies and will help you to develop your critical decision-making skills. You’ll practise at computer-linked treatment stations with simulated patients.

Clinical placements

As a medical student, you will be exposed to real patients on clinical placements. Our clinical placements take place within community settings, including public hospitals such as the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital. There are also opportunities to undertake clinical placements intrastate, interstate or overseas.

How to apply

Undergraduate Medicine

There’s some important information you’ll need to read before applying for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. This includes:

The 2018 Medicine Admissions Guide contains detailed information about the degree’s current admissions criteria, requirements and eligibility. Failure to read it will not be grounds for special consideration.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences reserves the right to change these admission criteria and processes without notice. If you’re thinking of applying at some stage in the future, be sure to check back.

Are you an international student wishing to study undergraduate medicine and surgery? See our step-by-step international students application guide for more information about how to apply.

Postgraduate coursework degrees 

Applications to most University of Adelaide postgraduate coursework programs are made online via SATAC. The specific requirements for each degree are available on Degree Finder – make sure you read these thoroughly before applying. Are you an international student wishing to undertake a postgraduate coursework degree? See our step-by-step international students application guide for more information about how to apply.

Higher degrees by research

A key component of a successful postgraduate research experience is finding the best supervisor to help you achieve your investigative goals. Depending on your area of interest, there are several avenues for you to explore potential postgraduate research topics and locate a supervisor. For an overview of all research within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, visit our Research website and explore our areas of research.

Once you're ready to apply, visit the Adelaide Graduate Centre, which administers both domestic and international postgraduate research applications. If you have any queries, contact

Study overseas

How does a few weeks’ study in Vietnam sound? Or Austria, China or Japan? How about a semester in Denmark, the US or the Netherlands? At the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences we can offer you a wide range of exciting opportunities to study overseas within your degree. Depending on your program, opportunities available to you could include short study tours, semester exchanges, clinical placements and volunteer opportunities.

As a medical student, you’ll have the opportunity to study overseas through study tours in Asia and Europe. For example, as a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery student, you’ll undertake a four-week work-based training/Dean’s elective overseas in a local or overseas hospital or clinic of your choice prior to completing your degree. Past students have worked and studied in countries such as the UK, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Canada. From 2018, year five students can also apply to spend a semester at Aarhus University in Denmark. For more information about studying overseas as a medical student, contact

Student experiences

Our students talk about what it's like to study medicine at the University of Adelaide.

Studying medicine at Adelaide

A final-year medical student's experience

Working with remote communities

Rural pathways to medicine at Adelaide

A first-year medical student's experience

A sense of community