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Tips for Presenting Your Poster

Presenting your Poster

At the Conference, you will have the opportunity to present your poster to the judges.

You will have time to run through your poster and present your introduction, materials and methods, results, conclusion and discussion. Afterwards there will be time for discussion and questions from your judges. Some judges will ask questions during your presentation.

When presenting your poster, speak clearly and not too fast; speak towards your judges; don't use words that are too difficult (some of the judges will not be familiar with the specific terminology), and keep track of the time.

Poster Layout

Use a catchy title which is representative of the content of your poster. Draw the audience's attention with your title.

Introduction and Research Question
The introduction starts with what is known, followed by what is unknown. State your research question and experimental approach.

Materials and Methods
Explain your experimental design for answering your research question. Clarify what experiments/techniques you used in order to answer your research question. State the function of every technique/measurement and if necessary, explain why you have chosen certain techniques. Remember to limit yourself to essential details.

Only present results that are relevant to your research question. Give percentages rather than exact data where possible. Use graphs for your most important findings.

Give the answer to your research question.


Future Prospects
Briefly state the future prospects of your research.


Important note: the poster boards you will use to display your posters are 1800mm high x 1200mm wide. Please ensure your poster fits within these dimensions.

Layout tips

  • Font: Use a simple font. Make sure the letters aren't too small
  • Colors and contrast: Use a light colour. For lettering, choose a contrasting color differing from your background. Let the data stand out (colours, contrast, resolution).
  • Highlight the essential points on the poster.
  • Keep a nice legend for your graphs/figures
  • You can use a header for graphs/figures
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