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School of Psychology affiliates and visiting research fellows can be found on this page.

The School of Psychology follows the university guidelines and policy relating to Title Holders that can be accessed via the link below:

Interested applicants please use this letter as an example for how to complete the Conferral of Title Request Form.

Senior Lecturer appointments may be awarded to those with specialty endorsement with the PBA, or full College membership, or a PhD (for those whose contribution is research oriented), whether or not they have gained PBA approved supervisor status for placements. Lecturer appointments may be awarded for people with registration but no PhD or specialty endorsement.

These positions are honorary but give access to the electronic resources of the Barr-Smith Library and an email account as well as the use of the title and participation in the activities of the School. Titleholders also have access to the Psychological Test Library.

A - G
  •   Mr Reza Abdollahnejad
  •   Mr Ben Akins
  •   Ms Nadazda Asceric
  •   Mr John Baranoff
  •   Mr John Bell
  •   Mrs Melissa Bond
  •   Ms Anna Boynton
  •   Mr David Buob
  •   Mrs Anne Burke
  •   Ms Amanda Burlock
  •   Mr Paul Cafarella
  •   Ms Catherine Cheetham
  •   Ms Kathryn Collins
  •   Dr Tim Connell
  •   Dr Angela Crettenden
  •   Ms Carolyn Croft
  •   Dr Tamara De Regt
  •   Ms Amie Foran
  •   Ms Anne Gannoni
  •   Ms Sally Goodwin
  •   Dr Jacqueline Gould
H - N
  •   Dr Jodie Harris
  •   Mrs Margaret Hartstone
  •   Ms Katherine Hawkins
  •   Ms Miriam Henke
  •   Mrs Sophie Holdstock
  •   Dr Moira Jenkins
  •   Dr Carla Johnston
  •   Ms Kirsti Kankkunen
  •   Dr Ken Kobayashi
  •   Miss Yee Ling Kok
  •   Mr Stephen Kohl
  •   Ms Julia Kuring
  •   Dr Loraine Lim
  •   Mr Andrew Livingstone
  •   Ms Hayley Loken
  •   Dr Nylanda Ma
  •   Ms Jean Malcolm
  •   Ms Michelle Martin
  •   Ms Verity Masters
  •   Dr Heather Mattner
  •   Mrs Agata McCormac
  •   Mr Damien McInerney
  •   Dr Sara McLean
  •   Ms Krystyna McQuinn
  •   Dr Antonina Mikocka-Walus
  •   Mrs Hayley Mills
  •   Dr Rinaldo Minniti
  •   Ms Kathryn Moar
  •   Ms Linda Murray
  •   Mr Shane Moyle
  •   Dr Michele Murphy
  •   Matthew Nairne
O - Z
  •   Mr Richard Oborn
  •   Ms Brooke Packham
  •   Associate Professor David Panter
  •   Ms Andrea Parker
  •   Ms Kathryn Parsons
  •   Mr Colby Pearce
  •   Mr Ian Pearce
  •   Dr Henry Pharo
  •  Dr John Raftery
  •   Ms Patricia Rayment
  •   Mr Stephen Rayner
  •   Ms Shelley Rogers
  •   Mr Andrew Rothwell
  •   Dr Johanna Saltis
  •   Ms Catherine Sanders
  •   Ms Giovanina Severino
  •   Mrs Katya Schiavone
  •   Mr David Scott
  •   Dr Terence Sheppard
  •   Ms Lisa Shetler
  •   Ms Jodie Shoobridge
  •   Dr Matthew Smout
  •   Ms Farahnaz Sobhanian
  •   Dr Anna Steele
  •   Mr Radomir Stratil
  •   Mr Mark Turner
  •   Ms Joan Underhill
  •   Dr Duncan Wallace
  •   Ms Joanne Wardle
  •   Mr Scott Way
  •   Miss Alexis Wheeler
  •   Ms Rochelle Whelan
  •   Professor Tony Winefield
  •   Ms Natalie Worth
School of Psychology

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(Country and interstate callers toll free on 1800 061 459)