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Psychology may be defined as the systematic study of mental processes and behaviour. It includes a number of related but stand-alone areas of interest, and looks at the behaviour of a range of subjects, focusing on the experiences and actions of both humans and animals.

The study of psychology suits a wide range of people, with a wide range of different interests, including those who enjoy working alone or with others.

Psychology is an evidence-based discipline. Students have an opportunity to find out about the range of methodologies employed to collect and analyse data relevant to various topics. In addition, students become acquainted with cultural and ethical issues that may impact on the discipline and practice of psychology.

Applications for the Bachelor of Psychological Science program are processes through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC).


The Bachelor of Psychological Science has two entry pathways depending on whether students are prospective undergraduate students or university graduates.

Pathway 1: Undergraduate Entry

For further information please visit Degree Finder | SATAC Code: 394001

Designed for school leavers and those who have not previously completed an undergraduate university degree.

The Bachelor of Psychological Science is a flexible degree that offers the option of a double major. A second major enables students to specialise in a different area of study along with their psychology. The second major is optional for students.

Study Plan | Bachelor of Psychological Science without a second major

Study Plan | Bachelor of Psychological Science with a second major

Pathway 2: Graduate Entry

SATAC Code: 3BG003

Applications for the graduate entry pathway of the program should be completed through GradStart on the SATAC website.

The degree has been designed for those who have an undergraduate degree that does not include psychology or includes psychology but was not completed in the last five years.

Students are required to have completed Psychology IA and IB or equivalent. Students who do not have the prerequisite psychology studies or whose level I psychology is older than 10 years can attend an intensive summer school bridging course, Introductory Psychology (only available to graduate entry students). It runs for six weeks commencing in the first week of January and includes two to three contact hours each week, with the remainder of the time spent in directed study and self-directed computer learning

This degree can be completed over one year (full-time) or two consecutive years (part-time).

Study Plan | Bachelor of Psychological Science (graduate entry stream)



School of Psychology

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