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Bachelor Psychological Science (Honours)

The Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) can be completed full-time (1-year) or part-time (2 consecutive years). Students completing a full-time load need to complete 24 units from which 12 units will be the thesis, 6 units will be 2 compulsory courses and 6-units will be 2 elective choices.

Students completing a part-time load need to complete all the coursework in the first year and the thesis in the second year.

Due to accreditation requirements, it is not possible to offer a combined honours degree in Psychology and another discipline. At best, a student may engage a co-supervisor from another discipline, however the thesis must be clearly psychological in nature (and the internal supervisor from Psychology must of course agree to co-supervision with someone external to the School).

  • Information Session

    An information session about Honours 2017 took place on Wednesday 14 September 2016. To view the information from the evening, please download the PowerPoint presentation below.

    Honours 2017 PowerPoint
  • Application Process
    Application Information

    Applicants whose degree is older than 10 years are not eligible to apply.

    Applications for the Honours year need to be submitted to

    The criterion for selection is based on academic merit within courses of psychology. The Selection Committee ranks applications on this basis. Entry into Honours is based strictly on the academic performance of psychology courses taken at Level II and Level III. The formula is as follows:

    • Weighted Average = (Level II psych x 40% weighting) + (Level III psych x 60% weighting)

    Offers are made in rank order according to the calculated weighted averages

    Academic Transcripts

    Students studying at The University of Adelaide

    Students currently studying, or have studied, at the University of Adelaide do not need to submit transcripts with the application form. However, if any part of the studies have been done at institutions other than the University of Adelaide a transcript of these results will need to be submitted with the application form. This includes students who have done an exchange as part of their degree at the University of Adelaide.

    Students studying at another University

    Students applying for Honours from a University other than The University of Adelaide will need to submit a copy of their transcript (complete or incomplete) along with their application form.

    A complete transcript must be submitted, as soon as possible after the closing date, for the application to be considered for selection.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

    As part of the University of Adelaide and the School of Psychology's initiatives of social justice, equality and equity of access, places will be made available, annually, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students wanting to enter the Honours year in Psychology. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students wishing to apply for entry through this process, a credit average is a necessity during their undergraduate degree. Further enquiries can be made to Clemence Due within the School of Psychology.

    International students

    International Students

    International students enrolled at the University of Adelaide

    International students enrolled in undergraduate programs at the University of Adelaide will need to complete a Change of Program Application form as well as an Honours application form available above.

    International students not enrolled at the University of Adelaide

    International students who are not enrolled in the University of Adelaide must apply to the International Office to check that their undergraduate coursework requirements have been met. Students applying through the International Office will be notified of the outcome of their application by mid-December.

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