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Global Learning

Do you want to travel overseas, experience other cultures, develop global networks and broaden your real world experience?

The Global Learning program is open to current students of the University of Adelaide who wish to study overseas as part of their degree. For information about student exchange, study tours and short programs, visit Global Learning.

Applying for a Global Learning Experience

Ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year, studying overseas is possible during the Level 2 component (Semester 2 courses only) and/or Level 3 component(s) of a Bachelor of Psychological Science or the 4-year Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree.

Students wishing to partake in an exchange will need to speak to the School of Psychology staff at least six to nine months before they expect to start their exchange.

Students applying for short Winter or Summer exchanges need to make sure it does not clash with the University of Adelaide exam schedule.

Eligibility For Exchange

  • Students must have at least Level 1 psychology courses completed before starting the exchange.
  • Students cannot complete Level 2, Semester 1 courses overseas.
  • Students will need to complete the Level 3 DRIP(A) course at their home Institution (UoA).
  • Visit the Global Learning website for eligibility details.
  • Students are eligible to receive a maximum of 24 units of credit from exchange studies.

Students should take note of OS-Help requirements in regards to units to return home to.

For more information on OS-Help and other funding please go to the Global Learning website.

Application Process

Applying for exchange is a two-step process that includes pre-approval and course approval.

Below is an overview of interaction with the School of Psychology (students should check the 'How to Apply' tab on the Global Learning website for additional information).

Pre-approval Involves

  • confirmation of eligibility to undertake placement by the School of Psychology
  • confirmation of courses available for potential credit by way of a degree check by the School of Psychology

Student Responsibilities
  1. In the first instance, access the exchange information on the Global Learning website.
  2. Use the tabs to navigate the site, reading the instructions on eligibility, choosing a country and host university, funding opportunities, etc.
  3. Once you have chosen a university, click 'Apply Online'. This will take you to the Global Learning Application System (GLAS) portal, where you will be required to provide background information regarding the placement and your interests.
  4. Save your questionnaire for pre-approval.

Faculty Responsibilities
  1. Once the questionnaire has been saved, a program advisor will assess the application and respond to the student via email advising of next steps.

Course Approval Involves

  • confirmation of courses undertaken at the host university
  • confirmation of the credit that will be awarded upon successful completion of the courses.

Student Responsibilities
  1. Make an appointment with a Student Exchange advisor in the School to discuss course content and equivalencies. To make an appointment, please contact Jessica Venning in the School of Psychology: or phone 8313 4934.
  2. If you are seeking specified credit (ie. you want to take a course overseas that will match very closely a course that you will miss at UoA) it is worth taking the time to carefully read the description (in the handbook) of the Psychology course that you would like to match up. If the content of the overseas course is not similar then it is unlikely that we can approve this.
  3. If you are seeking unspecified credit (ie. the overseas course will be in lieu of an elective) then it is not necessary for the course content to match any of our courses. The content however will need to be approved based on the year level and unit value.
  4. You will need to ensure that the courses that you are seeking approval for will be taught in the Semester that you want to go on an exchange in.
  5. You will also need to be aware of the impact that an exchange/study abroad may have on your course planning and course completion when you return home.
  6. Take your pre-approval degree check, all host university course syllabus to your appointment with the Student Exchange advisor to assist them in their decision.
  7. Lodge a Faculty Approval (Study Plan) questionnaire through the Global Learning Application System (GLAS) portal.

Faculty Responsibilities
  1. A Student Exchange advisor confirms the credit arrangements in the Faculty Approval section of the GLAS portal.
  2. Approve student and submits online.
  3. Student is automatically notified via email by GLAS to check their application and ensure everything is approved.

The guidelines for determining whether you are eligible to pursue an overseas exchange arrangement are as follows:

  • The Global Learning online application system manages applications for students interested in undertaking an overseas exchange. The website allows you to search potential host universities, lodge your application for pre-approval, gain approval for the placement and confirm your credit arrangement.
  • The information is for students in the BPsychSc and 4-year BPsych(Hons) looking to gain pre-approval to undertake an overseas exchange.

For further information, please refer to the Global Learning website

School of Psychology

T: +61 8 8313 5693
(Country and interstate callers toll free on 1800 061 459)