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Discipline of Psychiatry
Level 4, Eleanor Harrald Building
Royal Adelaide Hospital
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8222 5141

Facsimile: +61 8 8222 2865

The Discipline's External Research Funding since 2006


National Health and Medical Research Council


National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia: APP 1003788; Baune BT, Koerner H, Anscomb H; Project Grant; Title: "Reversible and irreversible TNF-medicated Cognitive Decline"; Funds: 429,208.00; 2011-2013

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia: ID 510124; NH&MRC Dementia Research Grant; J. Trollor, L. Campbell, K. Samaras, H. Brodaty, M. Wright, N. Martin, W. Wen, B. Baune; Project Grant; Title: "The role of metabolic and inflammatory factors in cognitive decline and cerebrovascular pathology in the elderly." Funds: $904,409.00; 2008-2011

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia: 512381 M. Fiatarone Singh, S. Blair, N. Singh, A. O'Sullivan, D. Simar, B. Baune. Project Grant. Title: "A randomised controlled trial of progressive resistance training in older type 2 diabetics at cardiovascular risk." Funds: $806,250; 2008-2010

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia: 512672; NH&MRC Dementia Research Grant; M. Fiatore Singh, M. Valenzuela, B. Baune, N. Singh; Project Grant; Title "SMART: Study of Mental Activity and Resistance Training to Improve Bran Function in at Risk Individuals: A randomized controlled trial." Funds: $895,506; 2008-2010

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australia; McFarlane A, Galletly C, Sim M, Sawyer M, Baghurst P; Research Grant; Title: "Childhood cognitive antecedents of adult psychopathology: follow up of the Port Pirie lead cohort into adulthood "; Funds: $587,263; 2007-2009

NHMRC, Australia: General Practice Clinical Research Grant,  APP 361324: D Askew, D Wilkinson, S Stewart, M Dick, G Schrader, T Wade, T Marwick, P Scuffham, C Jackson; “Detection and management of depression in general practice patients with chronic manifestations of ischaemic heart disease” Funds: $499,798; 2006-08.


Australian Research Council

Australian Research Council, Australia: LP110100087; de Crespigny CF, Galletly C, Athanasos P, Procter NG, Moss JR, Rowlands CE, Liu DT, Tyllis P, Chong AJ, Lee D; Linkage Grant; Title: "Stopping the run-around: comorbidity action in the north (CAN)" ; Funds : $330,984; 2011-2013.


Department of Health and Aging

Commonwealth Dept of Health and Ageing, Australia; Jablensky A, Bush R , Carr V, Galletly C, Castle D, Harvey C, Hocking B,  McGorry P, Morgan V, McGrath J, Stain H, Waterreus A, Neil A , Saw S; Research Grant; Title: "National Survey of High Impact Psychosis (SHIP)"; Funds: $6,155,514; 2008-2011.


Other National Funding

Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC), Australia; Palmer E, Devitt P, Chur-Hansen A, Crabb S; Title: "A collaborative multi-disciplinary project for the expansion, dissemination, and evaluation of a blended learning initiative for tertiary medical education"; Funds: $465,000; 2009-2011.



National Heart Foundation/beyondblue, Australia: APP   G073587: G Schrader, J Beltrame, P Howe, N Barry, J Buckley. “Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation for depression in cardiac disease” Funds: $445,188; 2008-11. 

Australian Rotary Health: N. Wray, GW Montgomery, BT Baune, M Wright; Title: “Genetic variation of pro-inflammatory markers and their association with depression in adolescence”. Funds $35,000; 2010