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Discipline of Psychiatry
Level 4, Eleanor Harrald Building
Royal Adelaide Hospital
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005


The Discipline of Psychiatry encourages interested postgraduate (PhD, MD, Masters) and undergraduate students (Honours degree) to get involved with research relevant to the Discipline's Research Centres and Research Groups

The interdisciplinary Research Approaches employed by the Discipline of Psychiatry supports enrolment of postgraduate research and honours students from various disciplines such as Medicine, Psychology, Medical Sciences (e.g. Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology). 

We particularly encourage undergraduate students to get involved in Psychiatric Research with one of our Research Centres or Research Groups either from an early or even later stage of their academic program, with or without enrolling into a formal Honours degree.  

If you are interested and wish to speak to one of the researchers, please contact the Head of Discipline (Prof. Bernhard Baune),  or one of the leaders of the Research Centres or Research Groups of the Discipline.