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Discipline of Psychiatry
Level 4, Eleanor Harrald Building
Royal Adelaide Hospital
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Research into the Regeneration of the Human Brain and Mind

Head of Discipline:     Professor Bernhard Baune

Psychiatry at the University of Adelaide is committed to excellence in research, teaching, and clinical practice.

The Discipline coordinates a six-campus teaching program incorporating the Royal Adelaide Hospital / Eastern Mental Health, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Women's and Children's Hospital, the Adelaide Clinic, the Lyell McEwin Health Service and Woodleigh House at the Modbury Hospital.

Psychiatric research at The University of Adelaide aims to enhance the understanding of the etiology and pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders and to strengthen the emerging knowledge and clinical application on the regenerational capacity of the human mind and brain for severe psychiatric disorders. Our research program spread from basic to clinical science investigates the structures, systems, and functions of the biological, cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and environmental mediators of psychiatric disorders and their potential for clinical intervention, improvement and recovery.

The research program is based in three main interrelated areas: Psychiatric Neuroscience – Clinical Psychiatry Research - Translational Psychiatry. A diversity of basic science and clinical research groups addresses various aspects across these main areas.

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