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Early Origins of Health

The health trajectory of every child—including their metabolic, cardiovascular, immune and reproductive health, and neurological function—is profoundly influenced by their parents’ health and wellbeing prior to conception, throughout pregnancy, and during early postnatal life.

Baby being checked with a stethoscope

The Robinson Research Institute leads our research in the early origins of health and is well placed to tackle this challenge, having conducted some of the largest trials in the world investigating interventions in pregnant women and newborn infants to improve outcomes for the mother and child.

A more in-depth explanation of this research area is available on the Robinson Research Institute’s website.

Our research centres and institutes working in this area

Our research groups working in this area

  • A Research Collaboration for the Health of Women and Babies (Professor Caroline Crowther)
  • Cerebral Palsy Research Group (Emeritus Professor Alastair MacLennan)
  • Early Development Group (Associate Professor Jeremy Thompson)
  • Gamete and Embryo Biology Group (Dr Michelle Lane)
  • Neurogenetics Group (Professor Jozef Gecz)
  • Neuroimmunopharmacology Laboratory (Professor Mark Hutchinson)
  • Obesity and Metabolism Group (Associate Professor Leonie Heilbronn)
  • Ovarian Cell Biology (Associate Professor Rebecca Robker)
  • Personalised Psychiatry and Genomics Group (Professor Bernhard Baune)
  • Placental Development (Professor Claire Roberts)
  • Reproductive Immunology (Professor Sarah Robertson)

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