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Child and Adolescent Health

Research is ongoing to detect, prevent and treat the many chronic physical and mental disorders that originate in childhood to improve the health of all children and adolescents.

Child and adolescent health

Internationally, the Robinson Research Institute is known for achieving advances in childhood and adolescent mental health and diabetes. It is also recognised nationally as being at the forefront of immunisation research.

The Robinson Research Institute leads our child and adolescent health research, and an in-depth explanation of this research area is available on the Robinson Research Institute’s website.

Our research centres and institutes working in this area

Our research groups working in this area

  • A Research Collaboration for the Health of Women and Babies (Professor Caroline Crowther)
  • Adelaide Spinal Research Group (Professor Brian Freeman)
  • Allergy and Vaccine Safety (Associate Professor Michael Gold)
  • BetterStart - Child Health and Development Research Group (Professor John Lynch)
  • Cerebral Palsy Research Group (Emeritus Professor Alastair MacLennan)
  • Community Insights in Public Health Research Group (CIPHER) (Professor Annette Braunack-Mayer)
  • Diabetes Research Group (Professor Jennifer Couper)
  • Health of Pregnant Mothers and Babies (Professor Jodie Dodd)
  • Intellectual Disability (Associate Professor Cheryl Shoubridge)
  • Neurogenetics Group (Professor Jozef Gecz)
  • Perinatal Health and Child Development (Dr Nicolette Hodyl)
  • Personalised Psychiatry and Genomics Group (Professor Bernhard Baune)
  • Population Oral Health (Professor Marco Peres)
  • Vaccines and Infectious Disease (Associate Professor Helen Marshall)

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