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Faculty Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is committed to providing and maintaining the highest possible standard of health, safety and wellbeing for its employees and students while they are at work.

The Faculty recognises its duty of care under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA) which is to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that employees, students and visitors, while at work within the University, are safe from injury and risks to health.

The Faculty HSW Coordinators are

Linda Knobben

Office: 8313 0279
Mobile: 0420 958 784

Betty Reinboth

Office: 8313 5194
Mobile: 0403 328 502

Xin Li

Office: 8313 0094
Mobile: Diverted from Office Number

You can find more information on the Faculty and University's HSW policies and procedures on the Faculty Intranet HSW Website.

  • Emergency Contacts and Procedures

    If there is a life threatening emergency, phone (0) 000.

    If the emergency situation is not life-threatening, phone (831) 35444

  • ECON (Emergency Control Organisation Network) Flow Chart

        Emergency Control Organisation Network (ECON)    
    First Aiders (FAs)   Chief Warden / Deputy Chief Warden   Floor Wardens
    Arrow   Arrow   Arrow
    Senior First Aid Training (External Provider)   Chief Warden Training (External Provider)   Warden Training Level 1 (External Provider)
        Warden Training - Level 2 (Fire Extinguisher). Held onsite after evacuation drills

    If you require any of these training, please contact Faculty HSW Coordinators.

  • Fire Emergency & Warden Register

    Emergency Personnel - Warden Register

    For an up-to-date list of fire wardens, read the Faculty Fire Wardens Register.

    In the Event of Fire / Smoke

    1) ALERT other occupants in immediate danger.

    2) Extinguish fire if trained and it is safe to do so. Contain the fire - close the door.

    3) NOTIFY your Warden, Security and/or Fire Service.

    4) FOLLOW directions given by your Warden.

    5) EVACUATE the area using the nearest safest exit.

    6) DO NOT use the lift.

    7) PROCEED to designated Assembly Area.

    Await instructions from the Wardens or Emergency Services at the Assembly Area. Do not re-enter building until instructed to do so.

    Evacuation Procedure

    1) Get your workplace ready to be left unattended - save data and shut down computers, turn off gas and electrical equipment.

    2) Take personal belongings (keys, wallet, purse, etc).

    3) Proceed via safest route to the Assembly Area.

    4) DO NOT use lift.

    5) Obey all directions from Wardens.

    6) Await instructions from the Wardens or Emergency Services at the Assembly Area. Do not re-enter building until instructed to do so.

  • Medical Emergency and First Aider Register

    First Aid and CPR

    Other Medical Emergency

    On discovery of a person who requires immediate medical attention:

    1) Call for assistance from others in the area.

    2) Check for Danger in the area (eg electrical faults, dangerous objects).

    3) Contact Ambulance Service. Advise location and nature of emergency (if known).

    4) If trained, commence resuscitation or any other treatment warranted until help arrives.

    5) Notify first aiders who work in the area.

    6) Notify Campus Security.

    7) Stay with person until help arrives.

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