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Structured Program

Principally, completion of a structured program applies for those students undertaking a Ph.D. University policy states, however, that Masters by Research students must complete the core component of the Structured Program.

The structured program is divided into two components, the core and development components.

Core Component

The core component of the structured program is to be carried out in the first six months of candidature for full-time students, and first 12 months of candidature for part-time students. In the Discipline of General Practice, the core component consists of:

  • Participation in Departmental induction;
  • Regular attendance at the fortnightly Departmental seminar program. Attendance at these seminars should be discussed with your supervisor at the beginning of candidature. Attendance is also encouraged at seminars given by other invited speakers;
  • Completion of, and presentation of, research proposal within the Departmental seminar program;
  • Completion of a detailed literature review;
  • Discussion with supervisor regarding the requirements and expectations for successful research at the University, including formal administrative structures and procedures, the criteria on which examiners will be asked to judge the thesis, and Departmental policies, including occupational health and safety requirements and ethics approval procedures;
  • Discussion with supervisor regarding issues to be considered in the identification of a research topic and the structure and content of a research proposal. This will include the budget, the timetable, the University's intellectual property policy, stylistic and citation considerations, the role of the literature review, and the handling of sensitive matters (embargo);
  • Lodgement of form Completion of Core Component of Structured Program and all other required documentation (copy of research proposal, the Minimum Departmental Resources Proforma and Ethics Clearance forms) to the Adelaide Graduate Centre;
  • International Higher Degree by Research students, unless granted exemption, are required to participate in an Integrated Bridging Program (IBP) at the beginning of candidature. This is a compulsory part of the core component of the structured program.
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Development Component

The development component consists of skills training and professional development and is carried out over the duration of candidature. Students are encouraged to attend conferences relevant to their area of study, for which some financial support may be available. Students are also regularly invited to attend seminars and programs available in the wider university, in addition to attendance at the Disciplines’ fortnightly seminar program.

Completion of the University Postgraduate Induction Program

All postgraduate students are recommended to take part in a postgraduate induction program, organised by the Adelaide Graduate Centre. The program is compulsory for Doctoral students and optional for Masters students. In 2004, these programs are held at the beginning of Semester 1 (27th February) and Semester 2 (23rd July). These induction days are extremely valuable to familiarise new postgraduate students with the research environment of the University, their rights and responsibilities. At the induction, all students will receive an Induction folder that, among other things, will include a copy of the Code of Practice for Maintaining and Monitoring Higher Degree Quality and Standards . This is an important document which students will need to refer to as they progress through their candidatures.

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Annual Review of Progress

The first twelve months of Ph.D. and Masters candidature is provisional. A Major Review of Progress at the end of this period will recommend confirmation of candidature, termination, or the extension of provisional status.

An Annual Review of Progress will occur around September/October each year for all Higher Degree by Research students. The Major and Annual Reviews must be frank appraisals by both the supervisors and the student of the student's progress. Problems identified during the reviews will be followed up.

Annual Review forms will be circulated in early September each year. The student, supervisors and the Head of Department or Postgraduate Coordinator will all view and comment on the report prior to re-enrolment for the following year.

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The University of Adelaide's Code of Practice for Higher Degrees by Research

The University of Adelaide's Code of Practice for Higher Degrees by Research sets standards for the quality of its research education programs. The Code of Practice is available in two separate parts, as follows:

Maintaining and Monitoring Academic Quality and Standards in Higher Degrees (Part 1) and Research Higher Degree Policies and Procedures (Part 2)

Other Policy Resources:
Guidelines and Rules for Responsible Practice in Research