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Discipline of General Practice
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Ph: (08) 8303 3460
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Frequently Asked Questions and Links to Resources

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Postgraduate Rules and Regulations
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How do I go about obtaining a supervisor?

Doctoral students should contact the Postgraduate Coordinator, Mr Rick Wiechula (8303 4878). Students involved in the Masters course in Counselling and Psychotherapy in the first instance should contact Jacqui Howard  (8313 0148), who will arrange contact with relevant academic staff.

Do I need to have a co-supervisor?

It is University policy that a principal supervisor in addition to at least one co-supervisor supervises each student throughout the research period. Co-supervisor(s) should be involved as soon as practicable in the development of the student's research proposal and should maintain ongoing communication with the student and principal supervisor.

Am I able to have an external supervisor (i.e. someone from outside the University of Adelaide)?

A supervisor who is not an employee of the University AND has no formal or official association with the University (such as an affiliate, adjunct or clinical title) is classified as an external supervisor. Students are able to have an external supervisor, however, he or she may only act as co-supervisor. Students choosing topics to be supervised by an external supervisor will also need to engage the interest of an 'internal' supervisor in a joint supervision arrangement.

Discipline Resources

Do I have access to a computer?

Depending on whether you are a full-time or part-time student, your supervisor and the Head of Discipline will arrange for you to have a computer or to share with another postgraduate student.

Do I have access to a telephone?

Yes, all postgraduate students are permitted to have access to a telephone.

Who do I see if I need help with statistics/statistical analysis?

Please discuss your needs with your supervisor who will negotiate for you to have a consultation with the discipline statisticians.

Can I use the photocopier?

Yes, all postgraduate students are entitled to use the photocopier.

Can I have access to a photocopy card for the library?

Normally, postgraduate students are expected to cover the cost of their library photocopying.

Am I entitled to conference funding?

All postgraduate students are encouraged to present their research at conferences and a budget should be presented to the Postgraduate Coordinator Mr Rick Wiechula regarding costs of attendance.

Is there a limit to discipline assistance in terms of infrastructure or financial assistance?

The discipline is prepared to support students in terms of infrastructure needs, e.g. photocopying, postage etc. Where significant costs are involved, students are encouraged to prepare a complete budget to be submitted to the Postgraduate Coordinator, Mr Rick Wiechula.

Can I have after-hours access to the department?

Students who require weekend or after-hours access to the discipline need to apply to the Student Coordinator Mrs Nicky Bennett (8303 3460).

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How do I apply for a scholarship through the University of Adelaide?

The University of Adelaide offers a range of postgraduate scholarships every year. Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) are one of the primary sources of support for students undertaking research degrees at the University of Adelaide and are funded by the Australian Government through the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Science and Training (DEST) and allocated on the basis of the terms and conditions specified by DEST. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and in designated areas of research strength within the University. APA Guidelines are available from the DEST website.

The University of Adelaide also offers Divisional Scholarships. The benefits and conditions of Divisional Scholarships are identical to an APA, however, selection is usually based on the research area as well as academic merit. The scholarships are open to new Higher Degree by Research students only. For more information contact the Adelaide Graduate Centre or your potential Postgraduate Supervisor.

Other scholarships relevant to the health sciences include Postgraduate Training Scholarships offered by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). Applications close in early August. For further information on the full range of scholarships available to postgraduate students and their closing dates, visit the link below:

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Postgraduate Rules and Regulations

Where do I access forms and guidelines relating to my postgraduate study?

Forms relating to Application for Leave of Absence / Study Leave, Change of Attendance Status, Change of Higher Degree Candidature Details, Course Description (Research EFTSU) and/or Change of Supervisor(s)/Supervisory % Split are available online from the Graduate Centre:

The Discipline of General Practice Postgraduate Coordinator,  Mr Rick Wiechula (Ph. 8303 4878) is also available to discuss student queries and concerns relating to postgraduate study.

How do I obtain Ethics approval for my research?

The website of the University of Adelaide Human Research Ethics Committee is available on:
This website includes deadlines for submission of applications and relevant forms, including those for gaining consent.

How do I lodge a complaint relating to my studies?

Complaints should initially be handled within the area responsible for the service or process about which the complaint is being made. If students remain dissatisfied with the local resolution, they may request that it be reviewed by the Student Appeals Committee. For further information on making a complaint please see the University's website:
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Links to Resources

Minimum Departmental Resources Proforma

Expectations in Supervision Rating Scale

Available from the Postgraduate Coordinator  Mr Rick Wiechula

Human Research Ethics Committee Application

Human Research Ethics Committee Application Submission Deadlines 2010

Code of Practice

Postgraduate enrolment information and Codes

Adelaide Graduate Centre - Downloadable Policy and Forms


  • Application and Guidelines for the Remote Ph.D. Program
  • Application for a Change of Degree Program
  • Completion of the Core Component of the Structured Program for students who commenced their candidature on or after 1/1/02
  • Completion of Structured Program and Research Proposal
  • Higher Degree Annual Review & Application for Renewal or Extension of Scholarship
  • Joint Ownership Agreement
  • Major Review of Progress
  • Nomination of Examiners
  • Application for Admission and/or Scholarship
  • Application for Leave of Absence/Study Leave
  • Application to Create a New Supervisor
  • Change of Attendance Status form (Form AS)
  • Change of Higher Degree Candidature Details form (Form CD)
  • Course Description (Research EFTSU) and/or Change of Supervisor(s)/Supervisory % Split
  • Ethics Clearance
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