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Further Enquiries:
Associate Professor Alan Crockett
Director, PCRRU
Ph: (08) 8303 7504
Fax: (08) 8303 3511

Ms Chris Holton
Research Fellow, PCRRU
Ph: (08) 8303 6268
Fax: (08) 8303 3511

Primary Care Respiratory Research Unit

The Primary Care Respiratory Research Unit's mission is to undertake research and teaching in the area of primary care respiratory health, and to collaborate with other organisations and health professionals involved in primary care respiratory health.

The Vision for the Primary Care Respiratory Research Unit is to be seen as the key provider of quality evidence based research and education.

For extra information about the Unit please see our Unit Pamphlet[PDF].

The Primary Care Respiratory Research Unit aims to:

  1. To enable the expertise within the Discipline to be easily identifiable to national and international respiratory organisations
  2. Provide general practitioners and general practice staff with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage respiratory health problems
  3. Improve the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of patients with respiratory health problems in primary care
  4. Improve the health outcomes for individuals with respiratory health problems when seen in general practice
  5. Strengthen existing links and establish further collaborations with other organisations

Contact for further information:

Phone: 08 8303 6268
Fax: 08 8303 3511

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