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Dr William Donohue
Health in Human Diversity Unit
Room EH3-23, 3rd Floor
Eleanor Harrald Building
Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5005
University of Adelaide

Ph: +61 8 8303 3460
Fax: +61 8 8303 3511

The Care & Prevention Programme

The Care & Prevention Programme is an initiative of the Discipline of General Practice at University of Adelaide. The Programme facilitates and coordinates the health care of people living with HIV/AIDS, and people who may be at increased risk of HIV infection, in particular gay and other homosexually-active men.  This health care if provided by the O'Brien Street Practice.

O’Brien Street General Practice believes in fostering health in human diversity and offering good medicine to all people, without judgement.

This involves providing Sexual Health, HIV testing, counselling & management, and Hepatitis B & C management to at risk populations.  OSP is involved in clinical trials for treatment of HIV and also provides teaching and placements for medical students.

The Aims of the Programme are to:

  • maintain, improve and maximise the physical, emotional and sexual health of participants
  • minimise the likelihood of further transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis and other sexually-transmitted diseases
  • increase the number of general practitioners who are skilled in the care of people living with HIV/AIDS and people who may be at
  • increased risk of HIV infection

This Will be Achieved by:

  • evaluating the health status of people who enrol to identify current problems and potential threats to their health in the future
  • formulating a health care plan, in close consultation with the person involved, to address the health problems identified
  • coordinating the participant's health care in a way that is sensitive to the special needs of people in the Program's target groups
  • re-evaluating the person's health status each one to two years to assess the usefulness of the approaches used
  • providing training and support for GPs who wish to become involved in the health care of the Program's target groups