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Discipline of General Practice
The University of Adelaide SA 5005

Telephone: +61 8 8313 3460
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 3511

4th Yr MSA

Dear Students

Welcome to the 4th Yr MSA website.

Medical and Scientific Attachments

The MSAs are 3 weeks in length.

MSAs offer opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical specialty areas and their scientific underpinnings. The MSAs provide you with the opportunity to select attachments which have particular interest and relevance to you. MSAs are for both Year 4 and Year 5 students, therefore, you will find students from both years doing MSAs at the same time.

Year 4 Orientation

Year 4 Orientation: On Monday, January 18, ALL Year 4 students to report to the Robson Lecture Theatre at 8:40am (for a 9:00am start) for orientation into the Year 4 program. This orientation will be provided by Dr Harshita Pant, Dr Jo Thomas and Associate Professor Peter Devitt.  Note: Students will commence their placements on the Tuesday January 19, following the orientation day.

Research Components

The Year 4 Research Proposal is compulsory and one half day is set aside for this project each week. Students should also meet with their supervisor once a month as part of the formal assessment and to ensure that the project is on track.


School of Medicine Teaching Series (SMTS)

  • Students doing their Medical or Surgical Home Unit attachments will attend the SMTS.
    The series runs for one semester and is repeated in the second semester.
    The SMTS will consist of face-to-face teaching one day a month supplemented by online learning material with the aim of integrating the principles of basic science and clinical practice.
    This will be an examinable component.
    Attendance to the face-to-face teaching is mandatory and will be audited.

Year 4 Students will also attend an Introduction to Clinical Medicine Meeting with Professor Nigel Stocks, at the start of your MSA you will meet with Professor Stocks at Level 11, 178 North Terrace this will  usually be on a Monday at 9.30am but this is subject to change so please check the GP Placements and Appointment Dates below and your student email as I will email you when there are changes.

Placements in your timetable are final and NO swapping is allowed!
Please do not make arrangements with Supervisors or fellow Students to swap any of your placements.
Exceptions may be granted in extreme circumstances, however, all queries must be directed via Nicky Bennett 8313 3460 or
Examples of reasons that will NOT be considered are: convenience of transport, proximity to friends etc.

Please make sure you contact your practice at least ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR PLACEMENT STARTS as some practices have more than one practice and you may be required to attend a different practice to the one on the placement information link below.


Placement Information


Practice Contact Details