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Part-time or interrupted study

Students who have:

  • studied part-time (having started in 2016 or earlier), or
  • been on a leave of absence

are encouraged to seek one-to-one study advice to help them decide whether it will be possible to transfer to the new programs or whether it is more appropriate to complete their existing degree.

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The critical factor in deciding which option is best will be how much of the Health Sciences degree a student has completed, and the answer to this will vary between students.

Since the majority of the new Level III courses (including the compulsory Research Placement courses in each Major) will not be available until 2018, if you plan on enrolling in Level III Health Sciences courses in 2017, you will be unable to transfer to the new degree, and will continue in your current degree.  Only students who intend enrolling in Level I or Level II courses in 2017 may be able to transfer, and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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