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Academic Progress by Coursework Students policy

The Academic Progress by Coursework Students policy provides a framework for identifying and assisting coursework students whose academic performance falls below set standards.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is committed to academic excellence and actively encourages its students to achieve outstanding performance. The University also has an obligation to monitor the academic progress of all students to assist them in the successful completion of their programs.

First Risk Notification

If this is the first time you have received an unsatisfactory progress letter, you are urged to address your academic performance so that you can avoid further risk.

You are advised to contact a Program Adviser who will provide course advice and inform you of the options available to you.

Second Risk Notification

If this is the second time you have received an unsatisfactory progress letter, you are strongly advised to make an appointment with a Program Adviser to discuss appropriate study strategies and devise a study plan that will assist you reach a satisfactory level of academic progress.

If you continue to show unsatisfactory academic performance you will be sent a Show Cause notification.

Show Cause Notification

Students who have received a Show Cause notification are expected to provide reasons for their continued enrolment. If you wish to maintain your enrolment in the program, you must reply in writing to the Faculty Academic Progress Committee.

To help the Committee reach a decision your submission should include information as such:

  • Reasons for your previous academic performance (including supporting documentation where available)
  • Any actions you have taken since you were advised of being at risk and;
  • How you intend to improve your academic performance if you are permitted to continue your studies.

If you require assistance preparing your Show Cause submission, you are encouraged to consult a Education & Welfare Officer in Student Care.

For further information please refer to the Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

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