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Forms & Policies

Being part of the University of Adelaide means there are a number of excellent additional resources available to you.

There are a number of policies that relate to your studies at the University, below is a selection of important policies that we strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with:

Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy The University recognises the importance of monitoring the academic progress of students to ensure that students who are experiencing difficulties are identified as early as possible and offered the various advice, assistance and support services that are available at the University.

This policy describes the ways in which the University identifies students who are not making satisfactory academic progress and therefore considered at risk by the University. It outlines the measures that the University will implement to assist them to improve their performance and sets out the process by which the University will address ongoing unsatisfactory progress.

Academic Honesty and Assessment Obligations for Coursework Student Policy This policy sets out the obligations of students when undertaking assessment tasks, including examinations, particularly the obligation of academic honesty. It is important that you understand what the University deems as academic dishonesty, which may take the form of plagiarism in assignments and cheating in exams.

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy The purpose of this policy is to give a clear statement to all users of University IT facilities of their responsibilities, including what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable use.

Student Charter This charter provides students with an overview of what they can expect of the University, and of their responsibilities as students.

Other resources / policies

Student Grievance Resolution Process If you have a grievance because of a decision or action by a University of Adelaide staff member or the action of one or more University of Adelaide students, we will do our best to help you resolve the grievance.

Academic Honesty Policy This policy sets out the obligations of coursework students when undertaking assessment tasks, including examinations, particularly the obligation of academic honesty.

Academic Credit Arrangements Policy The University acknowledges the need for clear and effective credit arrangements to increase opportunities for students to access education, improve student mobility between sectors and institutions, and increase the pathways into and between qualifications through recognition of prior learning.

Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment Policy acknowledges that students who obtain a fail grade in a course may warrant a second chance to demonstrate that they have met the learning outcomes of that course. The policy extends this safety net to students who fail the last course required to complete their academic program.

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