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Executive Dean's Lecture Series

Open to the public, this lecture series gives the wider community an opportunity to hear from our lecturers and our visiting internationally and nationally renowned experts about their specialist field of research.

The University of Adelaide, Faculty of Health Sciences regularly hosts events open to the public on a diverse range of topics and for a wide variety of audiences; School Students, School Leavers, Current Students, Alumni, Academic & Healthcare Professionals, Government & Industry and the General Public.

Previous Lectures

Professor Hans-Christoph Diener | Highlights of Pain and Headache Research 2015

Tuesday 1 December 2015
Chronic low back pain and headache have a high prevalence in the population. In 2015 several randomized trials were published on the treatment of chronic low back pain. Professor Diener presented a lecture on his 2015 research on pain and headache. Learn More

Professor Alexander Robling | How does bone respond to being loaded?

Tuesday 5 April 2016 
We know that bone gets stronger when it is loaded, and weaker when it is not, but how does this work? Professor Alexander Robling presented a talk and unlocked some of the secret ways that bone senses and responds to loading.
Learn More

Professor Hans van Delden | Euthanasia in the Netherlands - Medical practice and societal control

Thursday 5 May 2016
The debate about the acceptability of (medical) assistance in dying is worldwide. It is often a heated debate in which all sorts of assumptions about effects and developments are made. Prof Hans van Delden discussed the euthanasia law that came into effect in 2002. Learn More

Professor Alex Brown | Can Aboriginal people save the world?

Thursday 2 June 2016
There is much to learn from the survival of the Aboriginal people of Australia. This talk explored the challenges but also the salient lessons that can be learnt from the people who belong to the longest continuous surviving culture in the world. Learn More

Professor Ian Symonds |The Millennial Doctor

Wednesday 6 July 2016
As the new generation (born since the start of the millennium) enters medical school, they will work in a very different health care system to the one most of their teachers trained in. Learn More

Professor Amanda Page |The Gut and Health Regulation in Health and Obesity

Tuesday 23 August 2016
When we feel full after a meal it is the result of a variety of different nerve signals from the gut. These nerve signals are attracting attention due to the potential for targeted drug treatments for conditions such as obesity. Learn More

Dr Richard Gun | Health Issues in Two Disadvantaged Communities

Thursday 15 September 2016
The mainly indigenous population of the Kimberley area of northern WA is separated from the people of Ermera district of Timor Leste by the Timor Sea, which is the subject of a sovereignty dispute between the governments of Australia and East Timor. Learn More

Professor Kurt Stange |
The Paradox of Primary Care

Wednesday 12 October 2016
This lecture examines the paradox that primary care physicians provide less evidence-based disease care than specialists, and yet, health care systems based on primary care have healthier populations, better quality of care, less health inequality, and less health care expense. Learn More

Professor Tony Blakey | Structured Quantitative Speculation

Thursday 13 October 2016
This presentation will focus on two innovative approaches to inform policy: 1) causal mediation analyses, and 2) simulation modelling of the future health (inequality) impacts of policy options. Learn More

Dr Mike Tymianski | Anatomy of stroke drug development: A David and Goliath Story

Tuesday 26 October 2016
This presentation will cover the process of translational neuroscience as it pertains to the development of a drug for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke from moleclular target discovery, through to phase 3 clinical trials. Learn More

Professor Claudiu Supuran | Carbonic Anhydrases as Drug Targets

Wednesday 25 October 2016
This presentation will focus on Carbonic anhydrases (CAs), the proteins present in all organisms living on earth. Professor Supuran is from the Neurofarba Department, Section of Pharmaceutical and Nutriceutical Sciences, University of Florence, Italy. Learn More

Dr Gelareh Farshid | Screening for Breast Cancer and Optimizing its Future

Thursday 13 October 2016
Despite being an intensely studied field of medicine, screening mammography remains controversial. Dr Gelareh Farshid is a surgical pathologist and expert in population based mammographic screening. Learn More

Professor Michael Nauck | New treatments for type 2 diabetes to decrease the risk of heart disease and prolong life.

Tuesday 21 March 2016
Professor Michael Nauck discusses his research pertaining to the type 2 diabetes research and treatments he has developed over the last 25 years. Learn More

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